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An FMCG company commissioned Worldwide School to prepare a proprietary online language audit with elements to test reading, listening, writing and industry terminology. The objective of the audit was to determine which employees are ready to participate in a training program and to create course groups at evenly-matched levels of language competence.

Worldwide School methodologists collaborated with a team of IT professionals to create an online test based on authentic materials related to the character of the client's operations. Employees could complete the test at any location within a given timeframe. Worldwide School provided participants with full informational guidance and technical support. The client received a detailed report outlining the language competencies of all audited employees.

A multinational brewery decided to organize Polish language classes for its British, Dutch and German management staff. In light of the trainees' tight schedules, Worldwide School organized an intensive training course which consisted of classroom instruction, everyday situations ″out on the town″ and weekend away sessions in Kazimierz Dolny and Kraków.

This training formula brought about immediate and phenomenal effects. The participants felt they had become familiar with Polish culture and encouraged to further their Polish language learning.

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