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The president of a leading telecommunications company, able to communicate fluently in English on a daily basis, was asked to give a presentation at an international conference. Despite having years of experience and language proficiency in typical professional situations, he had never faced such a challenge before. The Client's tight schedule and limited availability left little time to prepare an effective English-language presentation. After conducting detailed needs analysis, Worldwide School trainers developed and implemented the Powerful Presentations intensive training program. The time and place for holding training sessions was precisely tuned to the Client's availability and scheduling possibilities.


One of Worldwide School's telecommunications industry clients instituted a new language training policy. It entailed testing course participants at the start of training and measuring progress after four semesters of learning. Being tested after this period allowed an employee to continue classes. The company was looking for an objective, external exam which would test English as well as French. In this case, we recommended the BULATS online exam to our client and arranged for testing session to be held in a number of cities across Poland.

A Worldwide School telecommunications industry client commissioned us to conduct a language audit using the ″mystery shopper″ method. Our task was to check how English-speaking customer service looks in practice at company locations throughout Warsaw and a few other larger cities in Poland. The aim of the audit was to determine to what extent employees require further training in effective foreign-language customer service.

Worldwide School methodologists prepared sets of questions and feedback forms specially designed for the purposes of this project. Our native speakers were involved in the project and visited the selected locations posing as potential customers in order to assess language proficiency levels. The company was provided with a report outlining the audit's outcomes and a training program proposal to raise the level of English-language customer service.

A telecommunications industry company approached Worldwide School with a request to organize Polish language courses for their English and German-speaking staff. The challenge was a low level of motivation to learn. In order to increase it, we offered courses which focused on the practical use of Polish in everyday communication situations with colleagues and subordinates. Another motivational aspect entailed preparing course participants for official A2 and B1 level exams. They passed these with very good results.

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