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An international corporation with multiple business units scattered all over Poland. It has locations in large cities and very small small towns. There are between one and a few employees who need to communicate in English at each of these locations. It was impossible to create on-site groups within the company due to the broad extent of language proficiency levels and the resulting insufficient number of course participants at the same language level.

The ramifications of the above circumstances were that the employees always had to have individual lessons, they attended local schools and, occasionally, due to the lack of group creation possibilities, gave up learning entirely. The HR department experienced severe difficulties in monitoring the course of training and employees' learning progress. No uniform system of learning process supervision was in place. There were also problems with invoicing and cost control. Contracting us as the sole provider and including virtual classrooms in the training system allowed groups at the same level to be created comprising persons working in different parts of the country and even from abroad. A unified system of teaching and testing was implemented throughout the entire company while classes were run by qualified teachers, trained in conducting language lessons in virtual classrooms. We provided the company with a consolidated training system, as well as an invoicing system for particular departments according to its standards. We conducted a comprehensive language training service, including reporting to the HR department.

Four top managers hailing from a bank's different departments were selected for an international Assessment Center project which aimed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of external recruitment candidates for managerial positions.

In light of the international and multicultural aspects of the project, it was essential to raise the level of language competencies with regard to business communication, as well as raise awareness of differences between European and Asian business culture. The managers took part in intensive training organized by Worldwide School which consisted of our Communication Strategies Meetings and Discussions language module with elements of specialized HR language, and our Communicating Across Cultures module.

The Treasury Department of a large, multinational bank, which had been Worldwide School's client for a number of years, hired a number of foreign employees. Their task was to service clients in English, while Polish was necessary for them only as a tool for socializing with colleagues. Worldwide School offered this group of employees a 60-hour course which aimed to acquaint the participants with Polish language basics and key cultural aspects. The trainees practiced everyday situations related to practical activities (shopping, restaurants, travel, etc.).

A nationwide financial institution asked us to create a motivational language project for its staff. The initiators behind the idea wanted its employees, scattered all over Poland, to hone their language skills as a reward for job performance achievements. Our solution was to offer a motivational e-learning package. Select employees were also eligible for two types of learning their chosen language with a teacher live. These were Virtual Classroom lessons or an off-site course with a native speaker.

Thanks to the solutions implemented in accordance with the client's expectations, the project contributed to raising the company's staff's language competencies, as evidenced by the feedback we received from participants after conducting the project:

  • ″I remember the course as a very positive experience, it was very helpful and I'm more than happy. As for the teacher – she was super-friendly!″
  •  ″Thank you for these lessons, materials and time well spent during classes. I really looked forward to attending those meeting, it was a welcome break from the daily grind, an hour of interesting information and brought to mind my student days. Thanks for the opportunity to take part.″

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